What Are the Different Kinds of Adhesive a Concrete Service Uses?

Always Thought Mortar Was the Only Adhesive for Concrete?

Projects that include concrete will usually need an extremely strong bonding adhesive. And the likes of masonry bonding have to be stronger than the standard glue or paste that is used in art projects, as it needs to bond well with not only the concrete but the material it is being attached to it. The different types of concrete service adhesive will differ depending on what they are made from.

Most professionals that work in the construction industry today will often use Liquid Nails, this is an adhesive that comes in a tube. There are various different types of this adhesive on the market today, and a few are meant specifically to bond with concrete. This kind of concrete adhesive is said to dry fast and is resistant to the likes of water, oil, and heat. Epoxy is one material that some masonry adhesive is made of. This kind of bonding adhesive is known for its durability and resistance to both environmental or chemical damage.

Because most concrete is exposed to the elements, durability is a necessary characteristic when it comes to concrete adhesive. The likes of resin is another component that is found in most bonding adhesives. And most resin-based glues do dry quickly and can stand up to weight without too much shrinkage when dry. In point of fact, this kind of adhesive can often be used in highways, airport runways, and parking structures. As clearly, heavy-duty projects will call for resin-based adhesive.

For many exterior projects, mortar is ideal. Though there are now stronger products available, replacing or reattaching bricks in a fence is one example of a job that calls for more traditional concrete adhesive. Mortar is a mixture of sand, lime, water, and a few kinds of cement, and can be found in tubs, squeeze bottles, and tubes.

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