What to Expect From Our Experts

Williams Concrete Cutting Services LLC is a professional concrete specialist that can offer you a true variety of services related to the cutting, removal, or repair of your concrete surfaces. If you are based in Chattanooga, TN, stay on this page and learn what we do!

Slab Sawing/Concrete Cutting

If there is a piece of concrete or asphalt that you want to cut, turn to us for help. The pieces won’t have an irregular shape, but instead, they will be created equal thanks to our heavy-duty machines. Maybe it’s a piece of flooring you’d like to remove or a patio from your backyard. Call us for help either way!

Core Drilling

Core drilling has many applications and it involves poking a hole with a large diameter in a hard surface. Williams Concrete Cutting Services LLC has the professional equipment needed for such a project and we can offer you the chance to customize the diameter and depth of the hole. We drill through a variety of surfaces.

Hand Chain Sawing

If the area that needs to be cut is not too large, our professionals can cut it in pieces using hand-operated equipment. Whether it is serving to create a small opening to access your HVAC system or for another purpose, we’re here to help!


Dismantling old, unneeded structures is another area of expertise for our competent specialist in Chattanooga, TN. If you want to start building a new, the old must go and it is way easier said than done. You need not just the right type of equipment, but a crew that will handle the whole operation. Luckily, you found it already!

Concrete Removal & More!

Sometimes, you will need to remove a whole block of concrete and cutting just a few pieces of it won’t do the job. Maybe you want to get back that space your driveway is taking from your property so you need it removed? We can do it for you! In addition, we can repair your concrete surfaces where there might be any cracks and damage.

Concrete removal

Concrete removal

If there is a particular aspect of our services that you’d like to know more about, please don’t hesitate to call (423) 954-2787 and talk to our pros!

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