Your FAQ’s and Their Answers

No wonder builders love to work with concrete. Widely available and easy to pour, it provides extreme strength and durability to the whole structure. When the job is done right, you will dwell in your home or use facility for a lifetime. So, it is up to the concrete service provider to determine the success of your project. Whether you are a residential or commercial property owner in Chattanooga, TN, our company will be glad to tackle any task for you with the necessary precision and attention to detail. What more?

  • What projects do you have the expertise to work on? Simply put, our team provides dependable concrete services at attractive rates. Along with concrete pouring, we have the relevant equipment and skill for slab sawing, concrete cutting, and drilling. We are also good at chain and hand sawing, wall sawing, electric sawing, and demolition.

  • Do you have experience? Yes, Williams Concrete Cutting Services LLC is a concrete company established in 1988. All our team members are trained, reliable, and diligent. We finish what we start, no matter what!

  • How is your pricing formed? The fees we charge depend on the size and scope of your project. Understandably, complicated jobs are more expensive. But don’t worry, we offer superb quality at attractive rates, with specials, and discounts.

  • Will my property be a mess? To some extent, yes. All the separate processes, like concrete cutting and drilling, make a lot of noise and dust. We always advise our customers to move out temporarily until the job is finished. But you don’t have to panic because our workers will take care of the dirt and mess and leave your place clean.

  • How long does the cutting process take? It depends. The time frame can vary depending on the difficulty of the task. More often than not, it can take from a few hours to a whole day.

  • Do you offer free estimates? Yes, Williams Concrete Cutting Services LLC is a proficient concrete service provider that offers free upfront quotes. For more details, you can talk to our specialists at (423) 954-2787.

  • When is the most appropriate time to cut the concrete of my doorway or window? Our team would recommend you to do it during the excavation of your project. The material can be “cut and dropped” into smaller pieces which will make their removal easier and cheaper for you.

  • What should I do before you arrive? The only thing you can do is to provide our team with a clear path. We need a free space to park our vehicles and machines. So, just clear your yard and driveway.

  • What are your concrete drilling abilities? Our company in Chattanooga, TN has the experience and skills to drill concrete slabs at any depth and anywhere. Large or small, hire our concrete service professionals for your project, you won’t be sorry.

  • What is core drilling? This is the process of drilling in a cylindrical manner. Core drilling refers to creating several holes from 8 mm to 800 mm, but our company has the machinery and knowledge to proceed with any task according to your needs and requirements.

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