Concrete Service Can Be Seen in Both Ancient and Contemporary Constructions

Hello, friends! We have decided to dedicate today’s post to some famous concrete service that you may not have heard about. We hope that you will find it fun to read and will be happy to learn more about one of the most used construction materials in the US.

  • The first bridge built from concrete in the US. This is Alvord Lake Bridge which is located in San Francisco, CA. Its construction was finished in 1889. This reinforced concrete bridge is now still standing even after more than 100 years. Isn’t that an amazing proof of the durability of this building material?

  • Entirely concrete homes were first designed by Thomas Edison and built in Union, New Jersey. His idea was to create different molds into which concrete to be poured and those ready-made panels afterward to be attached together. He wanted to create those molds not only for the walls but also for floor and ceiling building. Unfortunately, his plan was not very budget-friendly and failed.

  • Concrete driveway construction was first introduced in the early 1990’s. Although stone was the most popular material at that time more and more homeowners decided to trust concrete for their properties. Concrete driveways reached their construction peak in the early 2000’s when various patterns and sealant colors were introduced.

  • In 2016 the ready-made concrete industry grew even more. It has been estimated that only during that year the sum of all the ready-mixed concrete produced and sold on the local market is almost $30 billion, which is massive.

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